Voices in the Wilderness – Errata

Due to a publishing oversight, the Bibliography and Discography were omitted from the chapter on Ernest Bloch. They will be included in future editions. In the meantime, they may be found below.

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Ernest Bloch: Essential Discography

Actes Sud AT-34100 (2CDs): Macbeth (Jean-Philippe Lafont [Macbeth], Markella Hatziano [Lady Macbeth], Jean-Philippe Marlière [Macduff], Jacque Trussel [Banquo], Christer Bladin [Duncan]; Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon Ch, Phil. Orch., Friedemann Layer, cond.); www.actes-sud.fr

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BIS CD1133: Trois Poèmes Juifs; Evocations; Symphony in E-flat (Malmö Sym. Orch., Andrey Boreyko, cond.); www.bis.se

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Chandos CHAN-9887: In the Night; Nirvana; Enfantines; Five Sketches in Sepia; Piano Sonata; Visions and Prophecies (Margaret Fingerhut, piano); www.chandos.net

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