2018 Writings

SAMUEL BARBER: Absolute Beauty Documentary with commentary and performance excerpts, both contemporary and historical ● ZEN VIOLENCE FILMS www.samuelbarberfilm.com, available from amazon.samuelbarberfilm.com (DVD: 130:00) (Read the DVD review)

VINCENT PERSICHETTI Selected Piano Music ● Myron Silberstein, piano. CENTAUR CRC-3632. (Read the liner notes)

ARNOLD ROSNERFive Ko-ans for Orchestra; Unraveling Dances; The Parable of the LawChristopher Burchett, baritone; London Philharmonic Orchestra;
Nick Palmer, cond.TOCCATA TOCC-0465 (Read the liner notes)

American Traditionalist Composers and the Music of Samuel Jones ● Journal of the Conductors Guild, Vol. 33 (Read the essay)

ARNOLD ROSNER: Nocturne; Tempus Perfectum; Symphony No. 6. London Philharmonic Orch. Toccata Classics. (Read the liner notes)