Walter Simmons

As a musicologist and critic, I have devoted the last 40 years to pursuing two objectives:

ncreasing the general public's enjoyment and understanding of concert music.

Bringing to the awareness of the music world great works (primarily of the 20th and 21st centuries) that have not yet been recognized.

I have pursued these objectives:

  • By addressing the broad general public (young people, in particular) as a

    • teacher and lecturer at high schools, colleges, public libraries, and other institutions throughout the New York metropolitan area

    • video producer of dozens of award-winning educational programs used in high schools and colleges throughout the English-speaking world

  • By addressing the musically knowledgeable public as a

    • writer of hundreds of articles and reviews published in Fanfare, American Music, American Record Guide, Music Journal, and Musical America, as well as entries in The New Grove and other reference books

    • program annotator for dozens of major record companies and symphony orchestras

    • executive producer of recordings of major 20th-century works that were previously unknown

    • radio producer and commentator on weekly radio series featuring broadcast premieres of important works and interviews with major composers, as well as guest appearances on Performance Today and other programs on National Public Radio

  • By addressing the music profession itself as a

    • repertoire consultant to soloists, conductors, orchestra managers, concert producers, university music departments, and record companies

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